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We’re looking for a new pianist

To continue our mission, even in these challenging times, we’re looking for a pianist that makes us a full band again. Are you a jazz pianist who desires to join a high class jazz quartet? Please consider applying for this position!


About the music

We present ourselves mostly in 2 jazz quartets with the same core members. First of all as Jonny & the Jazzuits bringing ‘Heavenly Jazz Gospel’ and secondly the Jonny Boston Quartet bringing ‘First Class Premium Jazz’. Both quartets have already published recordings (CD and streaming services). We’re aiming to play 20+ gigs a year in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. This includes ‘Jazzy Living Room Sessions’ through Facebook Live.


We are looking for a pianist who plays musically (not just having a great technique), that is strong in jazz (especially medium tempo swing), has a good feel, open style and also traditional styles. He/she must be able to listen to what's around him/her, and respond accordingly.


Especially with Jonny & the Jazzuits we’re on a mission. We want to share the Gospel amongst jazz fans and music fans in general through jazz. We really believe the world needs to hear this message in a jazzy style. Of course it’s important you believe in this mission too!


We’re offering

Currently we’re booked for gigs in the Netherlands and several other countries in Europe as well as Israel. Furthermore, we’re planning a Live recording, Jazzy Living Room Sessions through Facebook Live and expansion of the repertoire.

Does it stir something in you?

If this stirs your heart and your fingers to hit the keys, please contact us and send:

  • a recorded jazz track or link to existing track, (particularly medium swing feel if possible)

  • Your motivation to join these groups.


The idea is to select 3 players from those that apply and then have auditions.
This should lead to the best suitable player. We’re looking forward to it!


Send application to:


We really look forward to hearing from you.

Be blessed,

Jonny and the team

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